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The Fight to Save Coral


March 2017

Climate change is pushing corals, and the biologists hoping to save them, to their limits.
Photo: Raphael Ritson-Williams

Bleach-Proof Coral at Least 5 Years Away

Herald Sun

March 2017

Bleach-proof coral being developed to restore damaged parts of the Great Barrier Reef is still at least five years away from being a reality.
A team of Australian and US researchers has been examining how reef managers would go about introducing corals which have been grown via human assisted evolution (AE).
Photo: Lachie Millard Words

Towards Progressive Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

March 2017

This summer, large parts of the Great Barrier Reef saw the hottest sea temperatures and the most severe coral bleaching ever recorded - so before the next impact hits, scientists are racing against time to understand the demise of reefs and the prospects for their recovery. Catalyst explores the lethal threat of bleaching to the Great Barrier Reef, and the challenges we all face to protect this global treasure .
Photo: AIMS

Scientists to Create Techniques to Save the Great Barrier Reef From Dying

Nature World News

October 2016

With the alarming news that Australia's Great Barrier Reef is in the
brink of death, scientists are formulating live-saving techniques to
prevent coral death and the declining population of marine life.
Photo: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

German: Frau Gates und die Superathleten
English: Mrs. Gates and the Superathletes

DIE ZEIT (Germany)

March 2017

German: Eine britische Meeresbiologin trainiert Korallen, um Riffe gegen den Klimawandel zu wappnen. Ein umstrittenes Vorhaben.

English: A British marine biologist trains corals to reap reefs against climate change. A controversial project.

Photo: Donald Miralle/Getty Images