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Is the Great Barrier Reef Really Already Dead?


October 2016

Outside magazine declared Australia’s Great Barrier Reef dead. Scientists pushed back, but say it’s in trouble. We’ll go under the sea.
Photo: Kike Calvo/AP

Can Corals Survive?

BBC World Service

September 2016

Over the past eight months almost a quarter of the Great Barrier Reef has died – according to some estimates – because of coral bleaching, which can happen when sea temperatures rise. It's not the first time coral has bleached. It happened once or twice in the early 20th century after periods of warm weather. But, since the 1980s, coral bleaching has been happening regularly. And this year's Great Barrier Reef ‘bleaching event’ is the longest in history. Some say it signals the beginning of the end for coral reefs. There are though, rays of hope. In this Inquiry you'll hear from scientists who are pioneering some extraordinary ways of trying to help coral withstand warmer seas. They're hoping they're not already too late.

Coral Reef Planning

Hawaii Public Radio: Bytemarks Cafe

July 2016

We’ll find out what plans were made at the recent International Coral Reef Symposium. We’ve invited two of Hawaii’s preeminent coral researchers to detail what can be done to protect this important marine ecosystem?
Photo: Eutrophication&Hypoxia/Flickr

Coral Reef Health

Hawaii Public Radio: The Conversation

May 2017

Between a change in ocean policy and disease, our coral reefs are under
threat. We spoke with School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) Professor Ruth Gates (Gates Lab) about the Coral Reef Sustainability Through Innovation Act of 2017.
Photo: Ruth Gates